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Bob Symes’ Memories:1




Featuring rare and forgotten films

Bob Symes’ Memories:1 Featuring rare and forgotten films

These films were made either as fillers for the BBC or for the BBC Railway Society which I founded in the early ‘50s. They were mainly shot in black and white and are complied from my library.
The introduction and links are, of course, filmed in broadcast quality.
14xx wheels filler film
My 2 metre OO Gauge layout was set up in an empty studio at TV Centre. The use of many different camera shots ensured that the line appeared much grander.
The Swansea & Mumbles Railway.
In the mid 1950s there were rumours that the line was due to close. The BBC Railway Society decided to record the railway before it disappeared for good.
Grimsby & Immingham Trams.
Originally filmed by Francis Reed and myself in the final days of operation in 1960, it stayed as a rough cut until 1978 when the BBC Railway Society completed the film.
Glasgow Trams.
We filmed the line in 1962 as it was due to close. The voices of the local people, interviewed at the time, tell of their sadness at the loss of their beloved trams.
Horizon: On A Different Track. (Excerpt)
Having ben given a permanent position in TV Features/ OB I was engaged by the producer as the Railway Expert and part-time presenter on this railway programme comparing French and British railways.
Kestrel Locomotive.
This was the most powerful (4000hp, single engine) diesel electric locomotive of its day and was built by the Brush Loco Works. Odd Ball Trains.



Bob Symes' Memories 1