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Bob Symes’ Memories:2




Featuring rare and forgotten films



Bob Symes’ Memories:2 Featuring rare and forgotten films

All these films were originally researched and produced by me and were presented on Tomorrows World.
Liquid Iron
This film shows the transportation of liquid iron by rail in torpedo cars. It was transported from the smelters to the steel works, a distance of approximately 60km, without the loss of heat or energy.
British Channel Tunnel
In 1972 William Woollard travels on a train bound for the Channel Tunnel and shows how easy rail travel with Europe could be. There was no Channel Tunnel and there would not be for another 22 years.
Intumescent Paint
This paint expands and forms a heat protective barrier when exposed to fire. It was an easy way to fireproof doors, cabinets etc, and is in use today.
The Plastic equivalent of the original Roman underlay for roads- which were rushes. It clearly showed that vehicles could move over boggy ground with ease. I was so impressed that I have it on my garden railway.
Heat Resistant Gel
A studio film about the benefits of a heat resistant gel invented in Australia. I have a small part in the film as the welder and plumber. The product did work and has gone on to be widely used.
Vienna Trams - This explores the differences between European and British thinking on transport.
Auto Trains - A driverless freight vehicle.
Ear Protectors - Cut out damaging noise letting only ordinary sound through.


Bob Symes' Memories 2