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Bob Symes’ Memories:3




Featuring rare and forgotten films





All of these films were originally researched and produced by me and were presented on Tomorrows World. (Apart from Blue Peter film)

Silent Sleepers.
This film shows how the brand new, deep level metro in Vienna was fitted out with sound absorbent plastic sleepers.
Go Anywhere’ Army Tractor.
William Woollard had great fun on a military test ground testing a brand new sapper vehicle. Not only did it propel itself in the river, but also climbed up a cliff on a rope it launched itself. It was never bought by the British armed forces.
Advanced Passenger Train (APT).
In 1969 I made a model of this tilting train using an idea from my very first film, Wheels. To make the train tilt I had the BBC build the scenery on a moving base and the train was tilted as the scenery was pulled past it.
Rail Retarders.
Maggie Howard shows how these clever devises, based on the concept of a hydraulic shock absorber, could help show down trucks or even a full size engines in shunting yards. These retarders are now in use in Europe.
Blue Peter Film.
A special film, as it shows my Gauge 1 Railway in my former home in Guildford. Christopher Trace came down to officially open my new line and the film was then shown on Blue Peter and proved to be very popular.
Munich Trams.
A trail of a new transport system
Newcastle Metro
Looking at a new system which was based on electrification of derelict branch lines.
Sidney Weighell- A personal reflection on British railway transport in the mid 1970’ s
Bonus films: Silent Combustion Engine, Turbo Train and Aerial Photography Film

Bob Symes' Memories 3