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Whilst I was going through my archive material I re-discovered this film. It was filmed some 35 years ago but it is interesting to note that the same issues are as relevant today as they were then.

This film was originally transmitted by the BBC Horizon programme in 1978. It gave me my first experience of being in front of the camera, as I was asked by the producer of Horizon, Chris La Fontaine to be involved in the film as a railway expert. This 50 minute film shows the different approach the French had to their railways compared to that of the British. This version is shown in its original format; as it would have been shown to series producers before the general public saw it. It also caused controversy when first broadcast as the French speaking parts were not over-dubbed in English: it was assumed at the time (wrongly) that most viewers would be able to understand the basic French. I remember we got into a lot of trouble for not adding sub-titles to the finished version.

I have very fond memories when I watch this film as it allowed me to put my views about European railways to the British public and more importantly it gave me the chance to work with Chris.

Total Running time: 50 minutes

Horizon: On A Different Track

Bob Symes Collection- Presents

Bob Symes Collection

Horizon: On A Different Track