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The Model World Of Robert Symes

This 50 minute programme was first broadcast in 1978 and was a result of two previous series, namely 1 Model Worlds' and 2 Model Magic’ . The idea came from a fellow producer, Bob Bootle, whom I shared an office with at the BBC. He suggested that I made a film about my life history of model making. I had always made models and as I said in my opening piece to camera, I have always been interested in models, all of my life.

In this programme I cover all aspects of model making. I run my diesel electric, Class 47 - the first ever to be built in Gauge 1.

I show my Austrian tram which I built from memory just after the Second World War and more larger scale trams are featured on a wonderful layout.

Boats are made out of match sticks and a model of my Gun Boat, which I served on during the Second World War.

Phil Warren shows how to make figures. There is even a model of me in my navel uniform. I take a detailed loo at my own steam plant which was my only source of electricity at my home for a long time.

There is a scene of me waiting for a tram in a model town and with the aid of trick photography I appear to be driving both a tram and a locomotive. Also featured are model racing cars and scaled planes.

This film was very popular with children and adults alike. After broadcast, this film was so popular it was shown for several years at Christmas.

Main film Running Time: 50 minutes

Bonus Film: Wayward Steam. Filmed in 1983. Running time: 10 minutes

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The Model world of Robert Symes