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Model World

Bob Symes Collection- Presents

Bob Symes Collection presents - Model World
The Model World Series was first shown on BBC TV in 1975 and again on Live and Kicking in 1991. All 10 programmes are shown on this DVD, including the short trailer from 1991.
Programme 1. Something For Everyone
Who would have believed the range of models that are possible and the number of materials that can be used. This series set out to educate model-making of all persuasions with expects in different fields giving master-c;lasses in model making. Master-class 1 shows how to build model planes from plastic kits.
Programmes 2 and 3. Model Aircraft
Master-class 2 shows how to build planes from balsa wood. Radio controls are explained and demonstrated. There is also a demonstration on tethered flight - not for those who suffer from dizziness!
Programmes 4 and 5. Model Yachts and Power Boats.
Master-classes 4 & 5 show hoe to design and build model sailing yachts with a history lesson of design changes through the years. Model boat races are shown -  from the more gentle sail powered yachts to the fast,electric power racing boats.
Programmes 6 and 7 - Military Modelling
All aspects of military modelling are shown from model soldiers to model battlefields. These models can be used in static displays (dioramas) or used to re-enact periods in history. Master-classes demonstrate how to build the models from scratch or convert ready-built models to suit your requirements.
Programmes 8,9 and 10 Model \Railways
These programmes take you though all aspects of railway modelling from the initial plans of the railway to building the track, stock and scenery and on to running trains. Train movements are shown on the 00 Gauge model of Horsted Keynes and then on Gauge One with live steam, battery-powered and diesel-electric locomotives.

Due to the age of these films, the sound and picture quality may be affected in some parts of this production.
Originally shown on BBC tv and used with kind permission.

Model World


Bob Symes Collection